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Rules For Student
  • Children must be punctual and attend school neat and tidy in proper school uniform.
  • Children must come to school with their lessons completed and with the school diary daily. Any pages torn from the diary will be punishable.
  • Articles found in the classroom or in the school premises must be handed over thr school office.
  • Any reported or observed behaviour of an objectionable kind even outside the school premises shall make a child liable to disciplinary action.
  • All pupils are expected to speak in English only in th school.
  • Students should avoid writing,carving and scratching on the walls and furniture.Such habits are a sign of low taste.
  • Any people who is persistently insubordinate or repeatedly or withfully mischievous or is guilty of gross malpractice or any gross misconduct will be removed from the roll at the discretion of the principal. This may be temporary or permanent according to the gravity of the offence.